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Walnut kernel, walnut kernel mix

Walnut kernel, walnut kernel mix
  • Walnut kernel, walnut kernel mix
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Walnut - knows everyone about extreme usefulness of walnuts. It is worth darting a glance at a kernel of this surprising nut only: to what it is similar to a brain of the person. Not without reason the glory of a product which remarkably influences brain activity was assigned to it.

Rich content of vitamins and mineral salts does these nuts by an excellent dietary product. And a large amount of protein allows them to be full-fledged substitute of animal protein. Thanks to these properties, walnuts are an important menu item for practicing yoga and vegetarians.

Nuts found broad application and in traditional medicine. Their kernels are recommended for strengthening of an organism, increase his power engineering specialists, and partitions are used for preparation of medical infusions and broths at gastrointestinal diseases. Since the time of well-known Ibn Cynna (Avicenna) nuts were included into recipes of the structures restoring health.

For more than eight-thousand-year history of walnuts the mankind managed to estimate their excellent qualities, having managed to appropriate them a set of names. Delivered to Russia from Greece, they were named by walnut. Similarly, the name of the English gained a foothold in some countries of the world behind them. Well, and the homeland - ancient Persia - presented them a rank of the Persian.

The Evromost-eksim and Ukr-Volnat group of companies offers walnut of light-amber grades:

  • the premium, 1/4 — 90%
  • Cleaning of 99.9%
Let's custom-make any whim of the client of nut mix on percent!
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Kind of Nuts: Walnut
Information is up-to-date: 16.02.2018

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